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My "Sea"horse is one of my first bigger pieces, made entirely from plastic waste. Most of the material was collected in beach cleanups and the rest is from agriculture, electricity industry, construction sites and the streets.


It was made for the first Zero Waste Israel conference without the use of glue, but with heavy duty tools and screws bought in bulk to make a sustainable and long lasting piece of art.

The sculpture represents the marine life swimming in a sea of plastic - from the largest like whales that make headlines, to the smallest that we don't see or hear about. Sea horses are engendered due to trade, over fishing and habitat destruction, they are very small but charismatic, unique and play an important role in the ecosystem.


Status: Sold





- The first Zero Waste Israel conference, Kibbutzim College Tel Aviv, Israel.

- AYEKA Green December, AYEKA house, Tel Aviv, Israel.

- Harel Group Sustainability Week, Ramat Gan, Israel.


- Sold to Coral World Eilat.

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