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My name is Evelyn (Evi), 

I'm a conservation scientist, environmental activist and multidisciplinary artist dedicating my life to nature and wildlife conservation.

B.A. Psychology Open University of Israel

MSc Primate conservation Oxford Brookes University

I have a passion for art since childhood and loved to draw and paint my whole life, but the urge to speak for endangered wildlife and the state of our planet added a bigger purpose to this passion and turned it into a tool I have full faith in.

The awareness for the canned hunting of lions in Africa emerged on my first visit to the continent in 2013, and was my first step into the world of activism and conservation. 


The more I learned about what we are doing to our planet, the more I felt the urge to act, and couldn't understand why and how not everyone around me is alarmed as I am.
The frustration, anger and sadness for all this had to be transformed into action and hope.
I believe so many of our environmental and even social issues are interconnected and most be faced to sustain the life we have given on this planet.

Through many years of volunteering in different fields such as wildlife shelters and biodiversity research I ended up volunteering in the battle against plastic pollution. In the last 5 years I've been co-directing Plastic Free Israel, an NGO that changed my life, gaining knowledge about the world of plastic pollution. As a beach cleanup team led I got exposed to the world of beach trash and especially plastic and as and artist I got fascinated with trash art - from there, it's all history.

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-31 at 18.22.24.jpeg

During my undergraduate and postgraduate fieldwork in Papua New Guinea and the Peruvian Amazon, plastic pollution once again came to my attention. Realising how it affects not only wildlife and entire ecosystems but also people's health, especially in remote places of the world - I started to incorporate plastic pollution education in everything I do. Today, as an artist, educator and speaker, I work with NGOs, schools and universities to talk about plastic pollution and its impacts, the use of plastic waste in art to create awareness and 'artivism' and the importance of research and data collection to start addressing the issues in our communities - wherever we are.


I use art to educate and to expose people to our incredible wildlife, their stories and what they are going through because of our behavior. I use art to remind people that there are other species in this complex web of life, that needs protecting and caring. I use trash in art to let it speak for itself and keep it from entering the oceans and harm wildlife, every piece counts.


If you have read this far, I want to thank you for visiting my website and hope you enjoy the art that I create and help me spread awareness about our planet and wildlife. 

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