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"Rony Fish" is the first permanent recycling cage shaped as a fish in Israel, inspired by the "Goby Fish" project that started in India and followed by other countries that appreciated the concept and came up with their own versions of "Goby Fish" and the idea behind it.

I initiated the creation of such fish in Israel that would be adapted to the Israeli recycling infrastructure for large plastic bottles and will act as an educational tool. With the collaboration of IRONMADE welding workshop, Michal Bronfman my fellow artist and Ben Alon Hurvitz we created Rony Fish - with an Israeli name after Ben Alon's sister who died earlier in 2019.

In August 2020, Rony Fish arrived to Ashdod beach with a great initiative by Ashdod Beaches Authority. 

Rony Fish is here to remind us all the consequences of plastic pollution and its usage on our environment and wildlife, to motivate us to use less plastic and when you do, to remember to do it with responsibility and be conscious about it!.



Video by - Michal Bronfman

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