Love Death & Plastic


The exhibition LOVE DEATH & PLASTIC is the first artistic exhibition in Israel focusing entirely on the world of plastic pollution, its impact on the environment, wildlife and humans, combining art and science. It was held in the "Shaarabiah" gallery in the lively Greek Market of old Jaffa (August 17-21).

Made of all the art I made entirely from plastic waste in the last 3 years and based on my experience as a beach cleanup team lead in Plastic Free Israel and on scientific facts. 

This is my first solo exhibition, and it was made possible thanks to Up to Us, who believed in me and my art, organized the entire event and are driven by the need and urgency to promote sustainability as a way of life in the city of Tel Aviv and beyond - in businesses, economy, culture, society and in the urban environment. The exhibition was sponsored by TIPA corp, Zalul environmental association and Billabong Israel

All the works from the exhibition are for sale and part of the income will be donated to support sustainability in Israel. 

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Special thanks to all our speakers on the opening night, Guy Elhadad from Up to Us about their extremaly important initiative to promote sustainability in every aspect of the urban daily life. Reuven Ladiansky, Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv, who told us how Tel Aviv is dealing with the plastic problem and how important it is to drive projects and initiatives to deal with the climate crisis. Avishag Seligman from TIPA told us about the problems of plastic packaging and how important it is to use materials from nature that return to nature. Maya Jacobs from Zalul who emphasized how plastic harms the environment and animals and how urgent it is to preserve the marine environment, and called all of us to take action! And Anat Ehud from Green Tel Aviv-Jaffa who strengthened the issue of urban sustainability and activism and a plethora of Tel Aviv solutions that can only be learned from.

This exhibition was made to raise awareness about the plastic pollution crisis in Israel and around the world and to drive the Israeli public, businesses and authorities to act for solutions and reduce their use of plastic. It is also a call to action for our government to take steps and eventually ban the use of single use plastic in the country like many other countries already did. I am hopeful this will bring more creative ways to talk about the issue and more art in education to come.

Photo credit: Inbal Zeldin Photography