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"Common" Dolphin

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This common dolphin sculpture was made as a tribute to this species, that is endangered in the Mediterranean sea and to illustrate was IS common in their habitat - plastic waste. 

As plastic in the oceans and sea pose a threat to all marine life, dolphins suffer particularly from fishing gear which is mostly made of plastic as well. The sculpture was made at the beginning of 2021 following the tar spill along the Israeli coast and the death of two wild dolphins short time after. 

Made entirely from plastic waste and without virgin materials or paint it contains plastic pipes, plastic jugs, broken plastic buckets, broken toys, candy toys, beach toys, bottle caps, construction waste, clothespines, single use cutlery, single use dental hygiene products, unidentified plastics and many more.

Thousands of windshield adapters are thrown away without use every week in the car industry and were used to cover the dolphin's back to add rough darkness along the colorful joy of these incredible animals portraying the world of dolphins in the 21st century.


Status: for sale




- Photo session in HIT Holon, Israel.

- The Israeli Compost Conference, Jerusalem's Nature Museum, Jerusalem.

- Solo exhibition, Romanian Cultural Institute, Tel Aviv, Israel.

- "LOVE DEATH & PLASTIC" Exhibition by Up to Us & Evi Art - "Sharabyia" Gallery - Greek Market, Jaffa, Israel.


- Mazeh 9, Freaky Friday EcoFair, Tel Aviv.

- IDC Reichman University, World Environment Day, Herzliya.

- PLANETech World 2022, climate tech conference, Rabin Center, Tel Aviv.

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