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The jellyfish is made of colored plastic debris collected at beaches, pipes thrown at construction sites, broken and faded buckets that are thrown away
In the agriculture and gardening industry and car wiper adapters that are thrown away unused and in the thousands every day in the car industry. 


While marine animals that also feed on jellyfish are mistake plastic (especially plastic bags) for food, the jellyfish themselves are also among the victims of plastic pollution.

It was recently found that jellyfish "filter" microplastics from the sea water.
But, are jellyfish yet another "tool" for humans to solve the microplastic problem?
Will we continue to exploit animals to solve the problems that we have created? 

55cm diameter X 75cm

Status: for sale



- "LOVE DEATH & PLASTIC" Exhibition by Up to Us & Evi Art - "Sharabyia" Gallery - Greek Market, Jaffa, Israel.

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