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Status: for sale

This piece was created during an art competition for the Israeli Recycling Day. 

On the night between the 8th and 9th December, I participated in an industrial waste art competition with 29 other artists in which we all created an artwork from available indusatrial waste from the Hathya 14, Tel Aviv building. We had exactly 14 hours to create our artwork. After working all night until 10am we all presented our artworks in a big exhibition in the same building. This old building is home to artists from the days when Tel Aviv was built, to startups with the most modern technologies and it is going to be preserved by Tel Aviv municipality.

The art theme was the idea of transformation. Because I'm me, I obviously chose plastic as my main material and obviously created an animal. My butterfly created from plastic industrial sheets, pipes, car parts, insulation material and laboratory equipment - is a look into the future. The colors of black and pink represent the future for me when it comes to our relationship with the environment. It could go very dark if we continue with our business as usual and it could go bright and pink (As we say in Hebrew) if we change our attitudes. Moving forward with technology and consumerism has brought so many advantages and development and improved our lives, but it came with a cost. And that cost is something we should think about more.



- 'Thiya on 14', Israeli Recycling Day, Tel Aviv

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