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"Sea" Turtle


The green sea turtle sculpture, made of plastic waste and illustrates the plastic in the sea turtle’s habitat.


The irony is that the colorful and beautiful marine environment takes on a different meaning with the presence of the colorful but deadly pieces of plastic litter. The sculpture is made of plastic pieces collected along beaches and open spaces, plastic containers intended for single use, construction waste and waste from the agriculture industry. 

Few types of plastic jugs are used to store harmful chemicals and are considered single use plastic. Although they are used with very thick plastic they are not safe to use with food and after use, these jugs are supposed to be collected and treated by special facilities. But this doesn't always happen and a lot of these jugs end up in landfill with the toxic chemicals inside them. 

Here I used empty black nitric acid jugs that I neutralized with baking soda, and the hard plastic was used for the turtle flippers and shell together with pieces of fabric softener jugs from landfills. 


Status: Sold




- Solo exhibition, Romanian Cultural Institute, Tel Aviv, Israel.

- "LOVE DEATH & PLASTIC" Exhibition by Up to Us & Evi Art - "Sharabyia" Gallery - Greek Market, Jaffa, Israel.

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