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Yellow Legged Gull


Inspired by studies conducted on the island of Midway, a remote and uninhabited island in the North Pacific Ocean known for the high mortality of albatrosses as a result of plastic pollution on the island. Almost every albatross body is found in a plastic lighter - a plastic product directly related to pollution caused by smoking. Many marine and land animals mistake plastic for food and in the process also eat cigarette butts and lighters that can cause intestinal obstruction, poisoning, starvation and death.

The yellow-legged gull is the local species chosen, since Israel too suffers from highly polluted beaches, streets, parks with products related directly to the smoking industry. The sculpture is made of white plastic waste, scraps of disposable plastic containers and empty lighters found on beaches and open areas.

110cm x 62cm X 60cm

Status: SOLD



- Solo exhibition, Romanian Cultural Institute, Tel Aviv, Israel.

- "LOVE DEATH & PLASTIC" Exhibition by Up to Us & Evi Art - "Sharabyia" Gallery - Greek Market, Jaffa, Israel.

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