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Breathing Plastic


Are we breathing plastic? 
Microplastics have been been found not only in the stomachs of wild animals but also in our own bodies -we're absorbing them through our water and food. But microplastics pollution might be even more wide spread then that.


This artwork was made following the evidence of microplastics in human lungs and is made of beach plastic litter and a gas mask that was found in the trash. These gas masks were first distributed to Israeli residents in 1990 prior to the First Gulf War are both expired and abandoned nowadays.

In fact, we've created so much plastic pollution that scientists are now finding microplastics floating in the air! Plastic production creates air pollution from its use of fossil fuels, but also releases particles into the air during the manufacturing of different products. When our plastic goods breakdown they release microplastics into the environment, and our bodies absorb traces of plastic through touch, ingestion, and possibly inhalation.


66cm x 50cm

Status: for sale



- "If Not the Art" - Up to Us, Tel Aviv Port, Israel.

- Ecological Art and fair at The Israeli Primate Sanctuary Foundation, Ben Shemen Forest, Israel.


- Solo exhibition, Romanian Cultural Institute, Tel Aviv, Israel.

- "LOVE DEATH & PLASTIC" Exhibition by Up to Us & Evi Art - "Sharabyia" Gallery - Greek Market, Jaffa, Israel.

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